This program will include a 3 minute introduction and a 10 minute guided reflection entitled Listening to the Still Small Voice. The words from this meditation have been drawn from Petrea King’s two Episodes and provide wonderful stimulation for personal reflection. There will be an invitation to reflect on four of Petrea’s inspired quotes. You may like to draw on a journal during this time of stillness or you may reflect on these quotes internally. It is an opportunity to be authentic and to name those experiences that challenge us and the practices that sustain us. This time is treasured time and provides a space for us to hear the still small voice within, the voice of God.

“The joy of meditation is that the brain becomes quiet. When the brain is in the present moment we have access to all those things that are first nature to us...insight, intuition, wisdom, humour, spontaneity, creativity and compassion. Those qualities are all available to us if we train our brain to be of service to us, rather than run the show.”
Petrea King

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