This program will include a 3 minute introduction and a 11 minute guided reflection on living a life of Purpose. A series of inspired words from spiritual writers and modern day mystics will be shared and each quote will provide an insight into pursuing our purpose. There will be an invitation to reflect on these four inspired quotes. You may like to draw on a journal during this time of stillness or you may reflect on these quotes internally. It is an opportunity to recollect our lives and to remember what we deem as most important. This time is treasured time and provides a space for us to hear the voice of wisdom within, the voice of God.

“To our distracted world, the practice of spiritual recollection might even look like a waste of time. Recollection is a hidden gift from God that requires patience, practice, repetition, and, ultimately, humility, the decision to make ourselves available, without an agenda, to the work of the Holy Spirit.” 
Elizabeth Kelly                       

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