This program will include a 2 minute introduction, a 6 minute guided Meditation on Compassion and a 3 minute song entitled “Walk Each Other Home” composed and performed by Tim Hart. All of these elements have been offered in response to RUOK Day.

The guided experience will begin with a focus on the breath in order to develop a greater attentiveness to the needs within us and around us, and to the presence of God. This will be followed by a series of questions on different facets of compassion - Compassion towards oneself, towards others and God’s compassion. You may like to reflect on these questions using a journal or you may choose to reflect on them internally. We create this quiet space to hear the voice of the Compassionate One, the voice of God. There will be an opportunity to bring all of these people, including ourselves, to God in prayer.

"We can’t practice compassion with other people, if we can’t treat ourselves kindly."
Brene Brown

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