Andrew Chinn is a musician, an educator and a gifted performer and collaborator. He has visited more than 1000 Catholic Primary Schools sharing his music and his faith with children, teachers and parents. Since 2000 Andrew has been recording Christian music for children and for some adults too, for use in Religious Education and liturgy. He travels extensively and has performed in 3000 concerts across Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.

During the pandemic Andrew developed Butterfly House which is an online resource for teachers of Religious Education. It was created by Andrew and a team of teachers of faith to appeal to the spirituality of children through a creative arts approach to Religious Education. Andrew’s driving force is about “responding to need.”

Throughout these years Andrew has been supported by his wonderfully gifted and creative wife Bernadette, his four daughters and his ten grandchildren. In the year 2000 Andrew and Bernadette’s beautiful daughter Belinda tragically died from cancer at the age of 15. This had a profound impact on Andrew and his family and influenced the path he chose to pursue. I welcome Andrew to our program as we converse about his extraordinary journey and his calling to share God’s message of love through music.

One of the things I've learnt is how powerful liturgy with children can be
and how music is critical to that.
Andrew Chinn


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Butterfly Music:

Butterfly House:


Music included in the Episode:

The Face of God by Mark Raue (Sung by Belinda Chinn)

These Hands by Andrew Chinn

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