Paul Field is a renowned musician and author and is our special guest in support of RUOK Day 2021. Paul was the lead singer for the Cockroaches, the Manager of the Wiggles for almost 25 years and more recently released his first solo album. Paul is married to Pauline and they have five children. In this first of two Episodes Paul shares his own story, both his professional career as well as the tragic death of his daughter Bernadette who died from SIDS when she was eight months old. He speaks about the impact of people checking in on him at critical times and of the value of reconnecting with those things that bring you life. Paul highlights how his music, family, friends and faith have all played such an important part in his wellbeing. It is a moving and authentic story and one that reminds us all of the value of a single conversation.

Are they really OK? Ask them today.

"There's nothing like a human voice." 
Paul Field

Please note that there are some references to death in this Episode. If you feel uncomfortable or distressed at any point during the Episode please reach out to someone for help, connect with one of the support agencies like Beyond Blue or contact a medical practitioner directly.

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