In this week’s Episode Kylie Harris continues to share the extraordinary story of Midnight Feast: Theatre that Unites (Part 2). Over the past ten years Kylie has been working in the Performing Arts making theatre with people with significant disabilities. She is currently the founder and artistic director of Midnight Feast, the first theatre company in residence at NIDA.

In this Episode we hear about the evolution of performances at the Opera House and the life-changing impact of this theatre company on the actors, the families and on Kylie's own life. Kylie expresses that this theatre company “brings life to all”, which is the deepest desire that God has for each one of us. 

Through sharing the story of this theatre company, Kylie encourages us to become more aware of those in our communities who are not present in different forums by asking the question, “Who’s not there?” And through this awareness and action we can move towards greater inclusion. This is an inspiring story and one that is on the wave of great change.

Look around at the start line and ask, “Who’s not there?”
Kylie Harris
Founder and Artistic Director of Midnight Feast
Theatre Company in Residence at NIDA

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