In this final Episode for 2020 Robyn Gallagher invites previous Guests and Colleagues to reflect on the practices that have supported and sustained them throughout 2020. Robyn acknowledges that amongst the smorgasbord of practices that there are some common touchstones. These five touchstones have provided a way to navigate the unchartered waters we have all faced and pathways to experience the loving support of God. And whilst critical to 2020, these life giving practices are also paramount to the new year which awaits. They have the capacity to make a difference to our own lives and to the many people with whom we interact.

"Through being still and listening came a strong sense of that calm being radiated out."
Susan Neylan 

Thank you so much for being with us this year and for all your support for the program. Ripples will be taking a short pause during the Christmas holidays however we would love you to join us again next year in February when the program returns. We have some amazing guests lined up and we will offer you many more shared moments of treasured stillness and silence. 

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