In the previous Episode (Episode 17) Petrea King shared her own story and the story of the Quest for Life Foundation. Petrea provided valuable insights and strategies for living with challenges or working through traumas in our lives. In this Episode Petrea highlights the need for self-care so that we can bring our replenished self to whatever we do – to the chaos, crisis or challenge. And she shares some valuable ways we can accompany others by offering deep listening and presence.

“Love turns up when it doesn’t know what to say or doesn’t know what to do. But it turns up...preferably with a casserole in its hand.”
Petrea King

Quest for Life has assisted over 125,000 people with grief, depression, anxiety, PTSD, cancer, chronic pain and other illnesses. If you would like to find out more about the Quest for Life Foundation please take a look at their website This website provides wonderful information about their programs which include both residential programs and one day programs.

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