Petrea King is an author, keynote speaker, teacher and facilitator and is qualified as a naturopath, herbalist, clinical hypnotherapist, yoga and meditation teacher. Petrea has been a regular guest on ABC Radio’s Midweek Conference and Nightlife for nineteen years. In 1983 Petrea was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and wasn’t expected to survive. Meditation and integration of past traumatic experiences which included the suicide of her brother, became paramount in her recovery. Meditation has been a constant in Petrea’s life for over 50 years. Petrea has also written nine best-selling books and has created a series of CD’s for Meditation including one for children entitled, Rainbow Connection.

Petrea established the Quest for Life Foundation in 1989 after a series of personal traumas. She has developed many effective programs for people living with a range of significant mental and physical health challenges which are delivered through the Quest for Life Centre in Bundanoon and in the community. Today I sit with Petrea at the beautiful Centre in Bundanoon as she shares the story of the Quest for Life Foundation and the significance of creating spaces where people can hear the still small voice within and be truly heard.

“But people will not move until someone hears the suffering, can bear witness to it and and can stand with it.”
Petrea King

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