Fr Laurence Freeman is a Benedictine Monk and the spiritual guide and Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation. In this second Episode Laurence highlights the importance of building a contemplative society. He suggests that in our complex world today we need to be sending people out with a contemplative orientation so that we can respond to these challenges with wisdom and insight.

One way in which we can support this vision is by providing children with an opportunity to experience a meditative practice. Laurence is regarded as someone who is leading the teaching of meditation to children and students as part of the recovery of the contemplative wisdom tradition in the Church and in society at large. In this Episode Laurence shares some insights on the value of this practice for children and some practical suggestions for introducing the practice in schools.

"You cannot put a price on it!" (The value of Christian Meditation for Children.)
Fr Laurence Freeman OSB

** The World Community for Christian Meditation has developed an outstanding resource throughout this time of COVID-19. It is called “A Contemplative Path Through the Crisis.” This site provides information on Christian Meditation and beyond, resources, programs and links to online meditation groups.

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