Fr Laurence Freeman is a Benedictine Monk and the spiritual guide and Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation. He is an international speaker and retreat leader and is the author of many articles and books. In this Episode Laurence is speaking from Bonnevaux which is the International Meditation and Retreat Centre of The World Community for Christian Meditation based in the south-west of France. Bonnevaux is a residential community which lives in the spirit of the Rule of St Benedict together with volunteers from many parts of the world. It is a place which fosters global peace and unity among all traditions through dialogue, silence and friendship.

In this first episode Laurence will explore the practice and fruits of Christian Meditation and in an upcoming episode (Part 2) he will offer some insights on the importance of Building a Contemplative Society. I would regard Laurence as one of the great mystics of our time and as someone who is leading the cultural shift towards a contemplative path. He acknowledges that meditation will not instantly solve all problems but it does have the capacity to change how we view and deal with the challenges we face.

"The real fruit of meditation is that you become a more loving person, because you will experience yourself to be loved." Fr Laurence Freeman OSB

 ** The World Community for Christian Meditation has developed an outstanding resource throughout this time of COVID-19. It is called “A Contemplative Path Through the Crisis.” This site provides information on Christian Meditation and beyond, resources, programs and links to online meditation groups.

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