Beth Riolo explores the relationship between music and spirituality and the capacity for music to inform our minds, touch our hearts and speak to our souls. In this way it becomes a conduit for deeper contemplation. She shares the impact of music in her own life and the universal connection to music. This is clearly evident during this time of COVID-19. In times of challenge music offers a glimmer of light and can provide a language which is beyond words. Beth draws on the writings and insights of many wonderful spiritual writers and mystics and shares examples from her eclectic collection. In sharing the musical thread throughout her own life Beth invites us to see these threads in our own lives and the way in which music can deepen and illuminate our relationship with God.

“Music is the sacred text of the soul, the thread of connection that unlocks and reminds me of who I was and who I still am,
calling me to embrace life in all its fullness.” Beth Riolo

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